Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing labeled in nursery for this season Prepared with sun cream and hats as well as a light rain jacket for showery days.

This term the nurseries will be covering the season summer, there will be a few trips for you to note over the summer as well as ad hoc days out when the weather is nice. Each room will continue with their own topic of choice in addition to this. Your room seniors will provide you with more information on any outings planned over the next weeks ahead along with permission slips.

Message from Parent Committee

Many thanks to all the parents who helped and contributed to the spring fair it was a huge success and we are very grateful for everyone who came along to support this day. We raised a fantastic amount of £877 which will be split between both nurseries. Its up to the Parent Committee how to spend this in the nursery so if you have any suggestions as to how you would like to see it spent just send an email to [email protected]

Painting – Dalmeny

The nursery in Dalmeny will be undergoing a refurbishment outside over the next few weeks. The windows will be repaired and the building is being painted. The painters will avoid peak drop off times for children so there should be no issues around parking. The work should take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Parking – Dalmeny

Can I please remind all parents we have a max 10 min waiting time in our car park if you plan on staying longer can you please park outside the nursery.

School Leavers – Teddy Bears Picnic 12th August

We would like to wish all our school leavers all our love and best wishes for starting school this summer. Some of them have been with us since they were 4 months old so I am sure there will be many tears shed by our Staff when they go. We will be having a joint leaving party with both nurseries to which our parents, grandparents and families are more than welcome to come along too. Further details will be given out nearer the time.

Staff Updates

There have been a few staff changes and moves of the last few months therefore I would like to update you on those:

Due to our expansion we are adding a new management position to our team and I would like to Congratulate Wendy Mart on taking on a new challenge of Deputy Manager, Wendy will continue to be based in our preschool room in Kirkliston but will cover in Dalmeny when Liane is on holiday.

After 6 years of service to Nippers Julia Downie has decided to take a break from childcare and move into caring for the elderly. We wish Julia well with her move.

Amanda Barton is now on maternity leave and waiting on the arrival of her new baby daughter, we will update you all when she arrives.

We would like to welcome the following members of staff:

Nicole Oliver who joins us as a Practitioner in Dalmeny
Rebecca Stewart who joins us as a Modern Apprentice in Dalmeny
Charlotte Gilchrist who joins us as a Modern Apprentice in Dalmeny
Chloe Irvine who joins us as a Modern Apprentice in Dalmeny
Charlotte McQueen who is coming back after extended maternity leave to join us as a Practioner in Kirkliston
Chantelle Clark who joins us as a Practitioner in Kirkliston
Natalie Main who joins us as a Practitioner in Kirkliston
Chelsea McQueen who joins us as an Modern Apprentice in Kirkliston

I have detailed below the new room staff for your information. We have made changes necessary for the business, mix of experience and working hours.

Babies – Dalmeny

Andrea Munro (Senior)
Rose Wright (Practitioner)
Gemma Cherry (Practitioner)
Julie Laidlaw (Practitioner)
Rebecca Stewart (Apprentice)

Tweenies – Dalmeny

Ashleigh Fleming (Senior)
Ashley Allan (Practitioner)
Melanie Baird (Practitioner)
Chloe Irvine (Apprentice)

Babies – Kirkliston

Caitlyn Gordon (Senior)
Lauren Clarkson (Practitioner)
Chelsea Russell (Practitioner)
Natalie Main (Practitioner)
Aimee Penman (Apprentice)

Juniors – Kirkliston

Wendy Mart (Deputy Manager)
Hannah Sneddon (Practitioner)
Chelsea McQueen(Apprenctice)

Toddlers – Dalmeny

Lauren Houston (Senior)
Julie Laidlaw (Practitioner)
Lisa Thorburn (Practitioner)
Nicole Oliver (Practitioner)
Charlotte Gilchrist(Apprentice)

Juniors – Dalmeny

Gill Baillie (Nursery Teacher)
Andrea Heigh (Practitioner)
Jade Roberts (Practitioner)
Catriona Moore (Practitioner)

Tweenies – Kirkliston

Recruiting (Senior)
Jessica Williams (Practitioner)
Chantelle Clark (Practitioner)
Charlotte McQueen (Apprentice)
Frankie McAllistiar (Apprentice)

Staff Training

Staff have been busy attending training over the last few months we would like to congratulate the following on completion of:

Up Up and Away
Quality Implementation Planning
Child at Centre
Child Protection for Manager
Outdoors Quality Environment
Planning & Observation
Wellbeing from Birth
Food Hygiene

Wendy Mart
Janice Robertson, Liane Grant
Janice Robertson, Liane Grant
Janice Robertson, Liane Grant
Hannah Sneddon
Andrea Munro
Lauren Houston
Gill Baillie/Lauren Houston/Frankie McAllister Jessica Williams

Congratulations to Catriona Moore who has completed her apprenticeship with Nippers and is now fully qualified Nursery Practitioner.

Future Dates for your Diary – More Details will follow


Wednesday 8th June
Thursday 9th June
Monday 13th June
Tuesday 21st June
Friday 12th August


Babies & Toddlers Dunfermline Glen Trip
Tweenies Dalmeny Gorgie Farm Trip
Preschool Dalmeny Gorgie Farm Trip
Prechool Dalmeny Botanic Gardens Trip
School Leavers Party


Wednesday 15th June
Wednesday 27th July


Preschool Kirkliston Museum Trip
Tweenies Kirkliston Linlithgow Loch Trip

We are planning a 1st Anniversary Party Friday 26th August for all the nursery at Conifox We will give you more details nearer the time.