3 months to 2 years

Our room is a homely fully equipped room, which has been designed with the children’s home surroundings in mind; it includes a separate peaceful sleep room and a separate nappy changing area.

Staff in this room, are highly experienced in caring with children of this age group. They will work with our parents to ensure your individual child’s need are met such as sleep times and feeding times.

We encourage our Children to gently learn key skills such as crawling, walking, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills etc and also mastering the art of sitting independently at the table to feed.

We provide a daily programme of activities appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development, which encourages key skills such as gross and fine motor skills, sensory, numeric, literacy and language. We also encourage children’s choice through free play.

We follow the guidelines set out in the Pre-birth to three and Building the Ambition documents published by the Scottish Executive a copy of which can be sent out to you on your request.


Parents are asked to supply all food and bottles for Children in this room. They will be heated as per your requirements.

Parents are asked to supply nappies however we will supply wipes.

We ask you to provide spare clothes for your children as well as sun cream and hats.